Free Evening Laser & IPL Seminar

DATE: Thursday 7 November 2019

TIME: 5:00pm - 7:30pm

VENUE: Grey Lynn Comunity Centre, 510 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland

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Although many types of lasers are used in the beauty and medical aesthetic industry, along with pulsed light devices commonly called IPL or intense pulsed light; there are very few regulations to control who can use these devices on the public. Incorrect use of lasers and IPL can cause nasty burns, accidentally remove skin cancers and early melanoma warning signs as well as damage your natural skin colouring. Hair removal may seem like an easy treatment however in the wrong hands your treatment can leave you with unsightly patches of mottled skin, burns, scarring and worse still, all the hair could simply grow back again like it’s never been treated due to low powered and inferior technology that is readily available on the internet. There are hundreds of ways IPL and Lasers can improve your skin however learning this technology properly required thorough training and practice under supervision. It all starts with a solid education in the skin and an understanding of the science of lasers and how they work. This learning journey can take upwards of two years, NZ Laser Training can get you started on the technical topic of Laser / IPL after you have completed some beauty basics such as skin anatomy, and hygiene for beauty practices. Please talk to your closest beauty school for foundation learning and return to us when you are ready to move into the higher level learning topics of IPL and Laser.




FOR Beauty TherapistS

Become an IPL & Laser Technician

Step 1 - Laser Safety Certificate online

Step 2 - Core Essentials 3 day course

Step 3 - Continued Essentials workshops

Step 4 - Skin Lesions & Melanoma online

Step 5 - Laser Health & Safety Officer

FOR Cosmetic NurseS

Become a Laser Nurse

Step 1 - Medical Aesthetic Laser Safety

Step 2 - Core Essentials 3 day programme

Step 3 - Continued Essentials workshops

Step 4 - Customised Vascular Laser

Step 5 - Skin Lesions & Melanoma online

Step 6 - Laser Health & Safety Officer

FOR Medical DoctorS

Become an Aesthetic Laser Doctor

Step 1 - Medical Aesthetic laser safety

Step 2 - Core Essentials 3 day course

Step 3 - Continued Essentials workshops

Step 4 - Customised Vascular Laser

Step 5 - Laser Health & Safety Officer

FOR TattooistS / OTHER

Become a Laser Tattoo Removalist

Step 1 - Laser Safety Certificate online

Step 2 - Laser Tattoo Removal online

Step 3 - Customised onsite training using your laser



Health & Safety Hygiene Bylaw 2013

If you work in the Auckland area you need to meet requirements for the health & hygiene bylaw 2013

Evidence of professional development in IPL / Laser

Safe use of lasers based on AS/NZS 4173: 2004 and any updates, additions or amendments to that standard

Skin type identification for IPL / Laser

Our NZ Laser Training courses meet these criteria, talk to us about what you need to do to be compliant and avoid a potential $20,000 fine.

Why Us

For almost 9 years NZ Laser Training has committed its time and energies into educating the industries laser and IPL practitioners.

Our reputation for quality training and skilled tutors is why we are the preferred educator for appearance medicine clinics and other medical practitioners

We have trained majority of the industry’s operators who go on to provide exceptional results, and hold the highest safety standards

Our tutors know laser and IPL so well, it doesn’t matter what machine you have, we can figure it out in a matter of minutes.

Our trainees have an average pass mark of at least 90%

Is online training sufficient?

If you intend to operate an IPL or Laser, you will require face to face education on how to operate the machine correctly, this includes full training on treatment parameters, and safety measures

 If your role in a laser workplace is as a support person who needs to be able to explain laser / IPL to clients but will not be conducting treatments, our Laser safety online course is perfect. This is also an option for those already trained who require a short refresher, or simple evidence of professional development certificate for council.

 Learn more about Auckland Councils bylaw here

Learn more about Health & Safety laws here