+ Can anyone train in IPL & Laser ? (ie: a member of the public with no previous experience)

No, IPL & laser is an advanced industry that many people enter into after years of experience in: beauty therapy, beautician, nursing, medical professionals, or after working with treating the skin for various related treatments. The technical nature of the study involved, and the knowledge required to treat people is much more advanced than people sometimes think. It is advised to obtain some prior knowledge of the skin before attending courses with us. In Auckland, it is also the law.People who are curious about the industry and not previously qualified could consider the online laser safety certificate to get an idea of what is involved. Please also consider how much money is required to invest in buying a decent IPL or Laser machine, whch start at around $30,000 upwards to over $300,000 - this is not an easy or cheap industry to work in.

+ What is the advantage of being Certified over being Qualified?

NZ Laser Training has been issuing Certification for Laser & Pulsed light training since 2011, during this time we have been recognised by industry as providing comprehensive education and training on relevant industry topics and issues. The advantage of being certified by a private education provider is that you will always receive the most up to date information on Laser & Pulsed light technologies. eg: newer teachings based on latest findings, techniques and safety information. When a Qualification is written up by a governing body such as NZQA is is typically locked in for at least 3 years. The accredited training school then teaches what they feel matches that qualification (and this varies considerably) - qualifications can be quite selective in what they offer, they dont always align with what the student wants to go on to use their study for. For example; you may not be interested in electrolysis, waxing or body massage but you have to learn it to get the qualification. Certification cuts out the bits you dont need, or want to focus on, and allows a focused specialty educational course to cover the specialised topic. This gives you the most relevant skillset that can advance your career.

+ Will the CE1 - Core Essentials course be Internationally recognised?

It already is as we have obtained British Medcal Laser Association approval 'BMLA approved' - However, each and every country has different regulations, licensing requirements and therefore even within the same country the requirements differ between states. Recognition of prior learning can be applied for using your letter of attainment and a copy of your certificate. This is standard practice within the industry as each training provider may vary on what training content is offered.
If you are planning on working in Australia, you will be able to submit an application to Queensland Radiation (Email: Radiation_Health@health.qld.gov.au) for assessment to apply for a laser license which is not required here in New Zealand. This licence is only required if you plan to work in Queensland, Australia. Learning obtained with NZ Laser Training is generic in nature and applies to all lasers and IPL devices worldwide so this course provides a foundation in which to up-skill from.

+ Why should I choose NZ Laser Training over other providers?

NZ is a small country, just ask around about us and you'll see that we know our stuff. Although NZ Laser Training has been running since 2011, the Owner and Director, Ruth Nicholson has been involved in the laser, beauty and appearance medicine industry since 2004. Laser science is not an easy topic to teach, this is a specialised field. Some have tried to copy what we do, instead of joining forces; however education is something we are passionate about and its what we focus on everyday. We have been referencing the AS/NZS laser safety guidelines for many years. We have contributed to edited versions of laser safety documnettaion and safety stadards by both Australian laser authorities, and local council in Auckland. Other providers have been known to just copy and paste 'AS/NZS' onto their website and materials, however when asked to comment, may not be able to answer questions on its contents.

We do most of our work through word of mouth, and our point of difference includes that our materials are constantly reviewed and updated as new information comes to the market, we incorporate medical grade education that is offered throughout all levels of training to ensure that trainees are given the best education they can obtain. The courses are specifically tailored to meet the needs of busy people who seek learning without all the pragmatic topics such as changing fuses, and being able to explain what an atom does. What we teach is relevant, up to date, technical, practical and will see you come up to speed in a very short time. Although some people learn well via correspondence, we find most people are visual learners who need to be face to face with the trainer, so we offer both - Online & Face 2 face.

We strive to constantly improve what we offer and won't sell you a cookie cutter training package as we understand that every situation is different. By training with us you tap into great mentors willing to share their knowledge and see you flourish in your laser career no matter what stage you are at. We wish you well with your laser career no matter who you choose to go with.

+ I'm interested to work with Lasers and IPL one day - where do I start?

Well although this is a very exciting and dynamic industry there is a huge amount of technical knowledge that you need to master to be good at what you do, to be a safe and professional operator and to ultimately be successful in this industry. Luckily for you, we are here to help guide you through. Our expertise lies in delivering training in IPL and Lasers, not in teaching beauty therapy or dermal therapies so you will need to start there and build your knowledge up over a series of months or years. It would be advisable to start with a foundation course at a beauty school first, then come back to us once you can completed learning in skin and hair anatomy & physiology. We will then refresh on this and teach you how that is relevant to using Lasers and Pulsed light (IPL).

+ When will I get to use a Laser or IPL machine?

On day 3 of the Core Essentials course you will be given the opportunity under strict supervision to try your hand at IPL and Laser. It takes a lot of practice to make it look easy, and this takes time. About 200 hours to be precise! - In the meantime, while you are learning all the do's and dont's and getting a feel for which technology you will be most comfortable with, we will guide you and educate you in best and safest techniques no matter when you get started, or what technology you will end up using. In a perfect world, we'd love to provide a month of full time hands on however NZ is a small market, and this is not possible or financially viable for most people. There is much to learn before you get hands on firing a device that can blind or burn someone, wouldn't you like to know everything you dont know first?

+ How experienced are your Educators?

Our Educators are selected for their specific laser & IPL clinical and technical skills and experience as well as their ability to engage the trainees in a fun and interactive way. Who wants to be bored to tears with technical boring laser science or an old fashioned delivery? We love laser science, it’s what we specialise in, we are passionate and experienced educators with many years of varied experience including: assessors, teaching qualifications, medical and pharmaceutical qualifications, appearance medicine and beauty therapy experience.

Our main senior educators are certified Laser Safety Officers (LSO), and have more than ten years aesthetic laser & IPL experience each, plus knowing all the complimentary treatments such as peels, microdermabrasion, and appearance medicine services and products. (Botulinum toxin, fillers, platelet rich plasma, sclerotherapy, and resurfacing lasers). Each Educator is chosen for their relevant skill base and we utilise their vast knowledge in both practical and theoretical and technical experience. This includes industry products sales experience, staff management and more.

+ What regulations / bylaws affect IPL (Pulsed light) & laser operators in NZ?

Not all local councils care enough about the dangers of IPL and Lasers to regulate to safe use of them in their local regions, most do not have the resouces to police our industry, so we are a self-regulated and self-guided industry. In July 2014, [Auckland Council][3] put in place bylaw which ensures operators meet mandatory minimum training and experience. The ministry of health (MOH)are working on findings from an industry wide survey that may end up forming new legislation. This is still in progress and expected to take years to be pushed through, if at all.

NZ Laser Training can provide a code of practice to guide industry professionals workign with Lasers and IPL. We also strongly suggest that operators follow the Auckland Coucnil Health & Hygiene Bylaw code of practice gudielines as recognised industry best practice where no alternative exists in your region.

+ Do you offer finance for your courses?

We cannot offer WINS or student loans at this time, however you can split your payments up to make it easier to manage, as long as full payment is received the week prior to your course running. Please contact us to ask how this can work for your situation.

+ I'm ready to enrol, what's the quickest way to do this?

Click on our 'Enrol now' tab and select the course you want to start, this will take your details and take you to checkout. Or if you need to speak to a human, call our call centre (open 24/7) and leave a message and we will come back to you within 24 hours during the week.

+ Regarding English Language comprehension

You will need to be able to understand written and oral English with a good command of technical explainations. Laser science is fairly complex but we are used to training trainees with English as a second language. Trainees who do not speak good English can use a translator device to interpret words or terms used. You will NOT be able to bring a person with you to translate. For situations where trainees need a person to translate every word taught, you will need to arrange a special training group with us, this may attract extra charges. We reserve the right to refuse enrolment to trainees we deem will not meet adequate English language needs. More info here on English classes for migrants https://www.tec.govt.nz/funding/funding-and-performance/funding/fund-finder/pelt/migrant-learners/

+ Should I buy a machine before OR AFTER doing training?

If you want to spend your money wisely and know more about why some machines simply will not produce the results you were hoping for, or what the limitations will be of the machine you hope to buy, then undertaking some education BEFORE you buy anything is strongly advised. As we do not sell IPL or Lasers at all, you can be assured to gain independent and unbiased advice from impartial consultants who know all the major suppliers of quality equipment. We are happy to steer you towards suppliers who we believe meet our standards.

+ What is the main difference between LSC online & CE1 ?

The Laser safety certificate (LSC) is a refresher on laser science and not considered training. It is ideal for those already working to a high standard but seeking a new or updated certificate, or people new to industry wantign to get an overview of what it involves, risks associated with lasers & IPL devices and see what needs to be in place to run a clinic.

Core Essentials (CE1) is full on 3 day educational programme (designed to run over 5 days, but packed down to 3)at this course we go into depth on treatment parameters and how to get the best from the treatments. It is a complete mini package to kick start you, or refresh those who have been away from industry and need to be updated. Talk to us about recognition of prior learning relevant to your situation.

+ Do I really need to have beauty training prior to using Lasers & IPL machines?

If you have undertaken some medical, pharmacy or other relevant training or qualification you will find that you likely have sufficient knowledge to get started. We understand that not everyone wants to do beauty treatments, however IPL and Lasers do treat the skin, they can burn and scar the skin, and without strong dermal knowledge there are risks for untrained people using these machines. This would also include those attempting to treat people without knowing the risks of accidentally treating over skin cancers and other malignant skin lesions. You dont know what you dont know.

+ What is free access to clinical support and advice and why would I need this?

Would you love an expert's opinion on what the best approach would be for a clients treatment plan? or where to refer a client needing treatment outside of your scope of expertise?

Our trainees can contact us for answers to their curly questions, a second opinion, a sounding board, or impartial advice and an honest answer without any obligations. We currently provide this support to hundreds of beauty professional throughout New Zealand, even doctors ask us for advice from time to time. This is why we are here, we specialise in Laser & IPL training, laser safety and laser science for the NZ beauty and aesthetic industry.

Whatever the question, or the situation we have the expertise and advisors on hand to help answer your question. This service is FREE to all our past NZ Laser Training Trainees.

+ Are there any prerequisites to attend your courses?

Would you want the person doing your IPL or Laser treatment to know about the skin? - We would and so we ask that operators have prior knowledge, experience and qualifications in skin treatment related industries, unless they are an allied health professional.

Our Core Essentials Level 1 training course, and our Laser safety certificate (LSC)courses are suitable for non-medical staff such as receptionists and clinic support staff who also need to be aware of what these devices are capable of, but dont intend to operate them.

Our Core Essentials – level 1 certificate in IPL and Laser is an a very comprehensive introdutory course and is suitable for skin professionals or allied health professionals (nurses, doctors, or other skin therapist) wanting to do hair removal or skin rejvenation.

Due to the technical nature of the course content, trainee must complete CE1 before enrolling in Continued Essentials –CE2 Skin rejuve & CE2 Hair removal, or apply for recogntion of prior learning if training has been completed elsewhere. Trainees must start with LSC (laser safety online) prior to starting LHSO (Laser health safety officer)

+ When do the courses start?

Due to a high demand we run our workshops / courses every few months, we restrict class sizes and ensure you get maximum learning and access to the trainer. Contact any time to enquire about our next in-take.

+ I am a nurse so which courses should I do?

If you intend to operate the Laser or IPL device yourself, you should do the LSC-Med (Medical Aesthetic laser safety) course online, followed by attending our CE1 - Core Essentials 3 day educational programme. If you will only be working in a laser workplace but NOT operatngf the device, then choose LSC-MED online for safety and then carry on to become certified as the Laser Health & Safety Officer (LHSO) which will give you more career opportunities such as supervising laser workplaces, laser in surgery, or medical settings.

+ I am already doing IPL or Laser treatments but want an updated certificate- which course should I enrol in ?

If you just want to achieve refreshed professional development, then LSC (Beauty based), or LSC-MED (Medical based laser safety) online is all you need. If however you are rusty on what each setting does, why change it, or want to learn why you may not be getting the results you hoped for, then you need CE1 - Core Essentials. If you are not sure - you can also contact us and we'll call you for a chat.