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If you are seeking to learn laser science and laser safety as well as understand the science behind emerging technologies,

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If you have misplaced your certificate, we can reissue this for you, for small admin fee, Please click the button to complete the request for a replacement certificate.

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We value your feedback and strive to continually upgrade our service to industry, we welcome trainees evaluations - do that now.

Make a complaint about a laser or IPL Clinic

  • We encourage clients who are not happy with the state or service from IPL (pulsed light) or Laser clinics to complain to their local councils. In the case of the regulations and breaches of the Health & Hygiene bylaw 2013, in Auckland, you can go here.

  • Cases relating to unprofessional conduct or medical treatments, serious burns, or ocular damage - please go to Health & Disability Commissioner (HDC)

  • In complaints where a nurse is involved, you can go here.

  • Cases relating to unfair representation of products or services - please go to the Commerce Commission

  • In the case that the Laser or IPL operator is a member of the NZ Association of registered beauty professionals - please go here

  • In cases where the person doing the treatment may be in a position of authority or you want to see action - please go here

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