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Our aim, a better future for the Laser industry


We believe our industry needs to change

In New Zealand the use of laser equipment has become commonplace. Yes, it can be highly effective at improving common conditions including:

unsightly veins, pigmentation, signs of aging and scarring, lasers can even boost self esteem and change peoples lives through removal of excessive hair growth and elimination of vascular abnormalities.  

The problem is the industry operates in an un-regulated environment. Sub-standard and untrained operators can

thrive and even worse, put the public at risk.

Our mission is to continue improving the calibre, and range of education on offer

We believe that the industry needs to step up to best practice standards and improve drastically if it is to change its reputation. 

For the past 7 years NZ Laser Training is making this happen by offering the best range of comprehensive Laser Educational Programmes.


Take part in The Ministry of Health Survey  on  IPL & Laser operators


Take part in The Ministry of Health Survey  on  IPL & Laser operators

"The Ministry of Health's Public Health Group is asking beauty industry operators working with lasers, IPL/VPL, light treatments or HIFU to complete the operator survey, accessible from the link below. Some health practitioners may also do this work so the operator survey could also be relevant to them. The second survey is for registered medical practitioners only.   Both surveys look back over the period 1 April 2017 to 1 April 2018 and we ask you to report incidents with the devices over that period.  The surveys are  for the purpose of identifying and better understanding the causal factors, and nature and extent of any risks and harms which can arise.   Although the Ministry wants to encourage people to respond to the surveys, could you please do so by 11 June 2018. You do not have to provide your details, the surveys are anonymous, although there is a question box for you to do so if you wish. There is also a general comment question, answers to which need not be confined to the April to April reporting period. The surveys are part of the Ministry's Appearance Industry Project which is assessing the case for regulating the variety of activities and providers making up the industry."



So how do we change an industry?


It’s not for the money or the accolades we receive. It’s pure passion to see genuine change. We’ve made it our mission to pass on the specialist knowledge of lasers to the people we educate, and we’ll continue to do so. We are also passionate about connecting with other authorities who share our mission and work alongside us.


Nothing but the very best will do.

At the heart of our educational programmes is a motivation to lift the standards across a range of practitioners including: beauty, appearance medicine, surgical, hospitals and dentistry. 

When you complete our educational programmes, you will understand the science behind each treatment and have the technical capability to deliver a safe outcome of the highest standard.


Combined, our tutors offer more than 20  years experience, NZ Laser Training is unsurpassed in the degree of clinical education it delivers, both from a medical education point-of-view and technical point-of-view. If you need to know anything laser related, just ask!


We believe that laser training shouldn’t come from a one-size-fits-all formula. Our programmes are tailored to meet the specific requirements of a range of practitioners including beauty, appearance medicine, surgical and hospitals/dentistry.