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In New Zealand the use of laser equipment has become commonplace. Yes, they can be highly effective at improving common conditions including:

unsightly veins, pigmentation, signs of aging and scarring, lasers can even boost self esteem and change peoples lives through removal of excessive hair growth and elimination of vascular abnormalities.  

The problem is the industry operates in an un-regulated environment. Sub-standard and untrained operators can thrive and even worse, put the public at risk.

Our mission is to continue improving the calibre, and range of education on offer

We believe that the industry needs to step up to best practice standards and improve drastically and for that to happen,

the training on offer has to be of a very high standard. 

For the past 8 years NZ Laser Training is making this happen by offering the best range of comprehensive Laser Educational Programmes.


Stay on top of changes to regulations affecting the Auckland region for IPL and Laser operators

Health & Hygiene Bylaw 2013


So how do we change an industry?


It’s not for the money or the accolades we receive. It’s pure passion to see genuine change. We’ve made it our mission to pass on the specialist knowledge of lasers to the people we educate, and we’ll continue to do so. We are also passionate about connecting with other authorities who share our mission and work alongside us.


Nothing but the very best will do.

At the heart of our educational programmes is a motivation to lift the standards across a range of practitioners including: beauty, appearance medicine, surgical, hospitals and dentistry. 

When you complete our educational programmes, you will understand the science behind each treatment and have the technical capability to deliver a safe outcome of the highest standard.


Combined, our tutors offer more than 20  years experience, NZ Laser Training is unsurpassed in the degree of clinical education it delivers, We teach both medical and beauty professionals-  If you need to know anything laser related, just ask!


We believe that laser training shouldn’t come from a one-size-fits-all formula. Our programmes are tailored to meet the specific requirements of a range of practitioners including beauty, appearance medicine, surgical and hospitals/dentistry.


Our contribution to industry

Melanoma NZ.jpg

COMMITMENT to Melanoma awareness

NZ Laser Training started incorporating melanoma awareness information to all its educational programme in 2012, this includes providing Melanoma NZ a free exhibition stand at Beauty Tech Conference in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018.

The goal is to reach as many beauty and aesthetic professionals to make them aware of the seriousness of melanoma in NZ, additionally to highlight how easy it is to accidentally remove skin lesions that could prove to be malignant.

In November 2018, Ruth Nicholson was chosen to present a poster at the Melanoma summit in Auckland and spoke to medical professionals about how laser and IPL wavelengths can attract to targets in the skin and which treatments are more high risk based on this science.

On a regular basis NZ Laser Training shares information from Melanoma Nz and keeps in touch with the CEO and admin team to continue discussing ways to reach industry with the key messages about awareness versus diagnosis. Melanoma NZ now has a list of registered skin check clinics that clients can be referred to. check it on using the button below.


Industry watchdogs

NZ Laser Training actively keeps an eye on the media, government regulators and decision makers at government level , over the years we have proactively attended Auckland council meetings, spoken at council conferences, forums, and public hearings on behalf of the industry. This information is then filtered back to industry associations, and thought leaders. We will keep people informed about updates in Australian and NZ Safety standards relating to Laser and IPL, provide information of how to write submissions, and where to find the correct information from the source. Our goal is to ensure our industry can access the latest and most up to date laws, and matters that will affect their business. We are completely impartial and independent and believe in transparency and honesty. We deliver on this through our actions.

We find many our our clients have no idea about consumer law, including the code of rights whereby every client treated by health professionals and health practitioners is entitled to professional care. Many salon / clinic owners buying machines are also unaware of the legal framework that they can refer to when they are left high and dry by dodgy and unregulated suppliers.

Copyright of Beauty Tech Conference 2018

Copyright of Beauty Tech Conference 2018

ONGOING education

Consumer awareness about burns and botched treatments plays a big part in closing the loop on dodgy and unregulated operators; including those who are not authorised to deliver treatments and put the public at risk. NZ Laser Training operates a consumer facebook page along with fellow professional , Julie Martin from the NZ Board of professional skin therapies. The goal is to give members of the public a way to complain with out any conflicts of interest being involved.

Beauty Tech Conference (held between 2012- 2018) provided industry an excellent platform for all beauty and aesthetic professionals to come together and learn, network and be educated. It would have been the ideal platform for all authorities and associations to work together; however sadly this was not able to be achieved. The founding principle of education being a life long career goal is still something we are committed to. NZ Laser Training still assists professionals seeking to learn more about working in the industry with advice and mentoring on how to get set up, and what training and education is required. Our range of seminars and courses keeps industry informed and up to date on all relevant issues and regulations.

Join the NZ Board of Professional Skin Therapies Today !

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It is imperative that professional therapists belong to an impartial and expert organisation that can represent them; not only to be the voice for industry but also to provide independent advice, support, mentoring and guidance when it is needed.

For years, professional therapists across sectors of the beauty and aesthetic industry in New Zealand have voiced their concern about the lack of representation of our industries issues to Government, local authorities and affiliated organisations. You now have a way to join forces with other like-minded professionals - learn more here. www.nzbpst.co.nz