Q: What NZ Laser / IPL qualifications are going to be available in future?

A: Industry is still waiting for the NZQA to release the new 'Specialised epilation qualification - level 6'  (Updated as at Sept 2017) - it is a lengthy process and quite complicated. 

As recognised leaders in our field, our Laser & IPL educational programmes  already offer  very comprehensive curriculums for those not wanting to wait, or those not meeting the NZQA pre-requisites. (You would need to have studied Level 5 Beauty therapy before being eligible to enrol with NZQA for the Specialised epilation option).

You should also understand the differences between a 'Qualification' and a 'Certification'. 
Becoming Qualified means a governing educational provider such as the NZ Qualifications Authority (NZQA) has approved unit standards ready to be taught through training providers (such as Elite and PIE, Weltec, Wintec etc..) Those schools then need to stick to the strict requirements and can only issue a Qualification for exactly what has been taught to match the NZQA paperwork. Private training providers like us at NZ Laser Training can issue Certificates which do not need to adhere to the NZQA's requirements, one advantage is we can deliver flexible options for our clients specific needs (like when they want to be certified in fractional laser or laser safety) and we can develop and write our own educational outcomes based on current industry needs. So that is becoming Certified.


Q: Why should I choose NZ Laser Training over other providers?

A: Its not easy to compare training providers in NZ right now as the offerings are very different. Some companies have tried to copy what we do, however training is something we are passionate about and its what we focus on everyday. We have been referencing the AS/NZS laser safety guidelines for many years, and have even been approached by Australian laser authorities to add our comments to the revised document.

We do most of our work through word of mouth, and our point of difference includes that our materials are constantly reviewed and updated as new information comes to the market, we incorporate medical grade education that is offered throughout all levels of training to ensure that trainees are given the best education they can obtain. The courses are specifically tailored to meet the needs of busy people who seek learning without all the pragmatic topics such as changing fuses, and being able to explain what an atom does. What we teach is relevant, up to date, technical, practical and will see you come up to speed in a very short time. Although some people learn well via correspondence, we find most people are visual learners who need to be face to face with the trainer.

We strive to constantly improve what we offer and won't sell you a cookie cutter training package as we understand that every situation is different. By training with us you tap into great mentors willing to share their knowledge and see you flourish in your laser career no matter what stage you are at. We wish you well with your laser career no matter who you choose to go with.


Q: I'm interested to work with Lasers and IPL one day - where do I start?

A: well although this is a very exciting and dynamic industry there is a huge amount of technical knowledge that you need to master to be good at what you do, to be a safe and professional operator and to ultimately be successful in this industry. Luckily for you, we are here to help guide you through. Our expertise lies in delivering training in IPL and Lasers, not in teaching beauty therapy or dermal therapies so you will need to start there and build your knowledge up over a series of months or years. It would be advisable to start with a foundation course at a beauty school first, then come back to us once you can completed learning in skin and hair anatomy & physiology. We will then refresh on this and teach you how that is relevant to using Lasers and Pulsed light (IPL).

 ‘Training’ it is a refresher for those who already have undertaken appropriate


Q: Can I become Qualified?

A: 'Qualified' means a training institute or educational facility that is linked to an international framework that has developed a learning unit standard they can teach and then issue a qualification to you.  NZ Does not have its own qualification in IPL and laser at this time, however NZ Laser Training can 'Certify' trainees, which means they train with us, sit written and practical assessments and if they pass with 80% minimum, a certificate of attendance is issued. 

A new proposed NZQA qualification in IPL may be available in a few years time for those who have already done level 5 NZQA beauty therapy training. To learn more about this contact a beauty school who is NZQA accredited or the NZQA itself. 

Please note that NZ Laser Training courses are already providing a higher level of learning than the proposed NZQA unit would be delivering. For example if you wish to learn laser, laser safety, laser safety officer or more advanced IPL or hair removal training.


Q: How experienced are your Tutors?

A: Our tutors are selected for their specific laser & IPL clinical and technical skills and experience as well as their ability to engage the trainees in a fun and interactive way, who wants to be bored to tears with technical boring laser science or an old fashioned delivery? We love laser science, it’s what we specialise in, we are passionate and experienced trainers with many years of varied experience including medical and pharmaceutical qualifications, appearance medicine and beauty expertise.

Our main senior tutors are certified Laser Safety Officers (LSO), and have more than ten years aesthetic laser & IPL experience each, plus knowing all the complimentary  treatments such as peels, microdermabrasion, and appearance medicine services and products. (Botulinum toxin, fillers, platelet rich plasma, sclerotherapy, and resurfacing lasers). Each tutor is chosen for their relevant skill base and we utilise their vast knowledge in both practical and theoretical and technical experience. This includes industry products sales experience, staff management and more.


Q: What changes are happening with regulations and bylaws that will affect IPL (Pulsed light) & laser operators in NZ?

A: There are three main areas that are to be affected, the Auckland City Council has a  bylaw in effect as at July 2014 which will ensure operators must have mandatory training and/ or experience, The minister of health in Parliament has a members bill underway that will eventually become law, we expect this to closely align with the Auckland City Council Bylaw, the final part is the 2013 TROQ review of training standards under the NZQA framework (NZ Qualifications) ,this is a major undertaking which means the restructuring of all NZ recognised Beauty Therapy qualifications; currently there are no NZQA standards specific to IPL (Pulsed light) or cosmetic lasers, as far as we are aware the new NZQA units that will be created will not include Lasers, only IPL.

NZ laser Training is well known for its quality, comprehensive training, and high level of technical expertise  in every aspect of lasers and IPL . We are known to and recommended by Auckland Council, NZ Association of Registered Beauty Therapists, and Melanoma NZ (Formally known as Melanoma Foundation of NZ), and more recently we have been endorsed by NZ Society of Cosmetic Medicine (NZSCM).  Director Ruth Nicholson is the author of many published  articles, and consults to the Melanoma Foundation, Beauty Association, Health & Disability Commissioner (HDC) and local councils.

Our training  references the recognised  AS/NZS:4173:2004 “Guide to the safe use of lasers in healthcare” and other relevant safety standards, the training we provide is based on non-negotiable laser science principles, simplified laser physics and real world scenarios for in-depth clinical knowledge and comprehension.

In short we know our stuff !


Q: “Do you offer finance for your courses?

A: We cannot offer WINS or student loans at this time, however you can split your payments up to make it easier to manage, please contact us to ask how this can work for your situation. You can also pay via Paypal. (Add 3% of your invoice for transaction fee).


Q: I'm ready to enrol, what's the quickest way to do this?

A: Our online enrolment form will come straight to our inbox, we'll use this information to generate an invoice for you, once this is paid in full, you will be sent a letter of confirmation. Easy as 123.


Q: Regarding English Language comprehension

A: You will need to be able to understand written and oral English with a good command of technical explanations. Laser science is fairly complex but we are used to training trainees with English as a second language. Trainees who do not speak good English can use a translator device to interpret words or terms used. You will NOT be able to bring a person with you to translate. For situations where trainees need a person to translate every word taught, you will need to arrange a special training group with us, this may attract extra charges. We reserve the right to refuse enrolment to trainees we deem will not meet adequate English language needs.


Q: Should I buy a machine before OR AFTER doing training?

A: If you want to spend your money wisely and know more about why some machines simply will not produce the results you were hoping for, or what the limitations will be of the machine you hope to buy, then undertaking some education BEFORE you buy anything is strongly advised. As we do not sell IPL or Lasers at all, you can be assured to gain independent and unbiased advice from impartial consultants who know all the major suppliers of quality equipment. We re happy to steer you towards suppliers who we believe meet our standards.


Q: What will I need to have to meet Auckland Council Health & Hygiene Bylaws?

A: They do not specifically state any minimum certificate to provide 'Evidence of professional development in pulsed light and laser' at this stage however NZ Laser Training does suggest one or both of these courses. Core Essentials - level 1, and Laser Safety Certificate. (LSC) - Ideally both!


Q: What is the main difference between these two courses? 

A: The Laser safety certificate is a refresher on laser science and not considered training. It is ideal for those already working to a high standard but seeking a new or updated certificate. Core Essentials (CE1) is full training and goes in depth into treatment parameters and how to get the best from the treatments.


Q: Do I really need to have beauty training prior to using Lasers & IPL machines?

A: if you have undertaken some medical, pharmacy or other relevant training or qualification you will find that you likely have sufficient knowledge to get started. We understand that not everyone wants to do beauty treatments, however IPL and Lasers do treat the skin, they can burn and scar the skin, and without strong dermal knowledge there are risks for untrained people using these machines. This would also include those attempting to treat people without knowing the risks of accidentally treating over skin cancers and other malignant skin lesions.


Q: What is free access to clinical support and advice and why would I need this?

A: Would you love an expert's opinion on what the best approach would be for a clients treatment plan? or where to refer a client needing treatment outside of your scope of expertise?

Our trainees can contact us for answers to their curly questions, a second opinion, a sounding board, or impartial advice and an honest answer without any obligations. We currently provide this support to hundreds of beauty professional throughout New Zealand, even doctors ask us for advice from time to time. This is why we are here, we specialise in Laser & IPL training, laser safety and laser science for the NZ beauty and aesthetic industry.

Whatever the question, or the situation we have the expertise and advisors on hand to help answer your question. This service is FREE to all our past NZ Laser Training Trainees.


Q: Are there any prerequisites to attend your courses?

A: There are no pre-requisites for Core Essentials Level 1 training course, or our Laser safety certificate and LSO certificate (Laser safety officer) as these are also suitable for non-medical staff such as receptionists and clinic support staff who also need to be aware of what these devices are capable of.

Our Core Essentials – level 1 certificate in IPL and Laser is an open entry course and is also suitable for those wanting to get into Laser tattoo removal, and as this can sometimes be tattooists, or nurses, we cater to this level of introductory training.

Due to the technical nature of the course content, we do reserve the right to set prerequisites for our Continued Essentials – Level 2 Clinical Competency and Advanced Essentials – level 3 medical workshop, there are some exceptions to this so please contact us for more details on your situation. We find that training provided elsewhere doesn't always meet our standard and there are some funny myths floating about we like to bust wide open with facts.


Q: When do the courses start?

A: due to a high demand we run our workshops / courses every few months, we restrict class sizes and ensure you get maximum learning and access to the trainer. Contact any time to enquire about our next in-take.