M3 Medical Smartglass IPL Shutter glasses (new style)

M3 Medical Smartglass IPL Shutter glasses (new style)


IN STOCK NOW (April 2019)

Protect your eyes from the bright flash of the intense pulsed light device (IPL) with new Swiss made M3 Medical Smartglass auto blink shutter glasses.

This clever design allows for crystal clear vision of the skin but is activated by a smart design lithium battery that doesn’t need to be replaced. No more fiddling with cell batteries that wear out quickly, or one eye blinking and the other not. Or clunky plastic frames that are heavy and bulky. Problem solved. tried and tested by Ruth in our training sessions .

Product warranty :

The M3 is CE-certified and comes with 3 years product warranty and 5-year battery life .

Watch these cool glasses in action here

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As part of health & safety legislation in New Zealand, workers must be provided with adequate PPE (personal protective equipment) when working with hazards, we deem IPL bright light to be an ocular hazard under - exposure to flashing bright light can cause nausea, headaches, blurred vision, watery eyes and fatigue.

As the PCBU (person in charge of business or undertaking) - it is your general duty to follow the Health and Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016. Please ensure you are aware of this document and how it relates to your Laser or IPL workplace.

For more information on these matters, please email: ruth@nzlasertraining.co.nz